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Beautiful Rocks Make Excellent Paperweights and Enhance Your Home Decor

Unique Painted Rocks

Trinket Boxes, Canvas, Wood, Block Letters, and Pumpkins 

Lovely Trinket Boxes and Fun Art Items Make Interesting Gifts

Seashell Trinket Dishes

Real Seashells with Decoupaged Designs


Welcome! My name is Laura and I love to paint and decorate rocks, canvas, wood, seashells, and faux pumpkins. Since I can't draw or paint designs freehand, I use temporary tattoos, decoupage napkins, stamps, jewelry charms, stickers, stencils, and rhinestone or acrylic embellishments to make them pretty. Many of my rocks are double or triple-sided and stand-up on their own. Decorated rocks make wonderful centerpieces and paperweights. They can also be used as bookmarks when glued to craft sticks and as magnets for your refrigerator or whiteboard. 


The wood trinket boxes have a theme inside and out. The canvas art utilizes stencils and modeling paste to create a slightly raised surface. Not all of the designs are done with modeling paste. If the stencil openings are large enough, I trace them first and then paint and add embellishments if needed.

The block letters stand on their own and are painted and embellished with jewelry charms, rhinestones, cabochons, etc. I like to make them unique to someone's occupation or interests.

The decoupaged seashells are a recent addition. At the moment I am using large, scallop shells but will offer other types of shells in the near future. I brought some interesting oyster shells home from the beach and haven't gotten around to cleaning them yet.


I created this website to showcase my work. I'm not much of a website designer and the template I selected was more than I needed. As you look through my Gallery, you will see that everything reads out-of-stock. This is mainly because no two items are alike.  If you see something you would like to buy, send me an email and I will let you know its exact size and if it is still available; then we can arrange for purchase and shipping.

I plan to do several arts and crafts shows and will list the information and locations here on my website. Thanks so much for stopping by!


Thanks for submitting!

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